Maximize efficiency, minimize costs and automate industry-specific business processes

Reduce costs, production times and supply chain bottlenecks with automated business processes

Key Solution Features

  • Electronically route work orders, claims, vendor agreements and other documents between project managers, finance officers, and warehouse personnel
  • Automate back-office functions like accounts payable, contracting and HR
  • Integrate with ERP systems for enhanced data sharing with internal departments and external stakeholders
  • Enforce company-wide security and compliance
  • Improve decision-making with real-time reports and look-ups

Automate district-wide processes, improve the efficiency of back-office procedures and expand staff bandwidth

Key Solution Features

  • Eliminate redundant data entry by integrating with popular student information systems like PowerSchool
  • Access complete student files in one system, from enrollment paperwork and report cards to sports records and lunch vouchers
  • Automate back-office functions like accounts payable, contracting and HR
  • Enable facilities staff to access documentation and upload photos using mobile devices
  • Free up resources by eliminating the need to copy, transport and store paper documents

Provide instant but secure access to information not stored in electronic medical record systems

Key Solution Features

  • Provide medical staff with instant access to stored documents from mobile devices
  • Link EMR systems to supporting documentation like outside lab results, insurance information, and EOBs
  • Protect patient information with role-based security
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality
  • Log unauthorized access attempts, printing, emailing and more with audit trails
  • Automate back-office functions like accounts payable, contracting and HR

Eliminate paper forms and streamline sponsorship matching and pledge tracking using electronic forms and automated workflows

Key Solution Features

  • Eliminate the need to print, address, stuff and mail expensive printed forms
  • Minimize time-consuming data entry by auto-populating databases from electronic forms
  • Match applicants to sponsors with robust search and retrieval capabilities
  • Track donations in real time, including amount, method, fund and status
  • Run reports on the fly with user-defined metadata
  • Automate back-office functions like accounts payable, contracting and HR

Improve public services with efficient and transparent governance

Key Solution Features

  • Enable council members, case workers, law enforcement and public works employees to view records and submit files via mobile devices
  • Share board packets via secure online access
  • Speed response times to public records requests with robust search and retrieval capabilities
  • Automate back-office functions like accounts payable, contracting and HR

Transform back office operations to reduce costs and improve customer service

Key Solution Features

  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically pulling information from existing databases, records and forms.
  • Centralize customer records and make information available to all authorized branch employees on demand.
  • Constantly monitor document access and retrieval to maintain the highest standards of security.
  • Create online portals where customers can securely access and submit forms and review agreements and supporting documents.